Since the start, this short-film goal was to look beyond the speeches. We had search for the people directly affected. The question is: after years of discussion about abortion, to which point didn’t the people get lost in the middle of the speeches.

Discovering the subject led us to something even richer. The whole socio economic issue that involves it. Quickly we travel 30 years ago, the first law proposal put abortion on the political agenda and with that the evolution of the health system and the economic progress.

In Portugal occurred the revolution. The first debates about young people accessing contraception was triggered by the Association for Family Planning.

Isolation and ignorance, were the stigmas to be shoot down.


So we would like to express the importance of the drama occurring in 1984, this way we have a political and social environment decisive in many ways:

  • The abortion speeches were even more extreme;
  • We officialized the National Health Care, was we know it;
  • Contraception and abortion are discussed for the first time on the government;
  • Portugal enters EEC;
  • “Cavaquista” policy bets on highways to minimize the people isolation.

Now, 30 years have passed and we see an opposite work: closing universities and Health Centers, taxing the highways, which isolates the country even more. 30 years later the bets seems to be – isolation and ignorance.

The truth is that if we look to the interior of the country in many cases, the difference between customs and mentalities, even the landscape, doesn’t change that much. This only shows the regression that the State commitment has to the population: safety, health, education… anyway – progress.

There are violences, so severe, as physical violence and also so frightening.

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